Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheap stay in Goa

A cheap holiday in Goa is the question uppermost in many minds. By cheap holiday, nobody wants to actually compromise on the luxury of the holiday. What is desired however, is a holiday which can offer the best of everything in Goa but at a reasonably low cost.

Goa beach cheap accommodation

The feeling of a cheap holiday in Goa is not only nursed by the budget travelers but in recent times even the affluent tourist visiting Goa has the question uppermost in his mind. While part of the reason may be attributed to the world recession which has affected many plans of leisure all over the world, Goa is still seen as a destination of a great holiday unwinding for the world tourist as well as the Indian tourist at a fraction of the cost spent on the more famous locations of the world while offering near perfect hospitality.

Goa is naturally endowed with beauty which was initially made famous only through word of mouth publicity after the hippies first  'discovered' its serenity in the early sixties and the news has only spread far and wide to ensure that Goa's plate is full almost throughout the year.

More tourists has naturally meant more business in Goa and therefore more hotels, resorts, rent back homes, apartments and rest homes all over Goa. This has also meant a rise in costs of accommodation in Goa. However for the tourist looking for cheap accommodation it can always be dicey while choosing a place to stay for various durations of a holiday.

While a cheap stay does not mean a cheap room or cheap facilities, tourist run the risk of being offered sub-standard accommodation when they normally enquire for cheap accommodation in Goa. What essentially these tourists desire is good and reasonably luxurious accommodation at a cheaper cost. However do they get it? Unfortunately most often, not.

The reason is that most unplanned holidays can mean being stuffed into an unfriendly hotel room due to the misguided directions upon landing in Goa from various motorcycle pilots or taxi men who are normally out to make a fast buck out of a tired tourist with little or no information.

The answer therefore lies in making a planned holiday. Planning can also be made just before leaving your location for Goa by going online and enquiring on the vast options for a cheap but luxurious stay in Goa. "Goa Living Styles" is a good resource to enquire about the various options for a cheap stay in Goa.  After all good accommodation is a peace of mind on a tired holiday when costs on stay need to be kept on a minimum while enjoyment and luxury has to be optimum.

For options with Goa Living Styles, Click here and send them an enquiry. You should get a quick response.

Wish everyone coming to Goa, a pleasant holiday indeed.

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