Wednesday, May 27, 2009

South Goa Shack owners fold up on happy note

The holiday season for the world tourist coming to Goa may have come to an end for the current season, but the the shack owners on the beaches of South Goa seem to be a happy lot with most of them satisfied over the outcome of the business despite the tourism in Goa being hit due to various factors.

As the shack owners are busy closing down their shacks on the Goan beaches in the South of Goa, there was a sense of satisfaction on their faces over the way the season fared despite the global economic meltdown and which was further compounded by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26/11.Goa shack

The thatched roofs of the shacks were the only remnants visible on most of the beaches in South Goa as the deserted look on the beach started to crawl in, with the shack owners gradually dismantling their shacks due to the end of the holiday season in Goa.

However although the shack owners were satisfied, they were not comparing the season this year to the previous seasons which were definitely more successful. But given the odds of the current season they were happy to fold up on a happy note with many claiming that this season was a 4 month period for them with both domestic and international tourists pouring in the state in the later part of the season with most of them skipping the Christmas and New year periods which were otherwise great party periods of Goa with tourists thronging in Goa to get a bite of the Goan fever. However this year the state was put on a high alert due to fears of terrorism which were however found to be far fetched.

Russian tourists are also being credited to contributing to the seasons fortunes this year and with the German and British tourists flocking to Goa from January this year, it certainly seemed to have made the day of many tourist establishments in Goa. Russians are known to be very good eaters at restaurants and shacks in Goa and their patronage is most sought after by various eateries and shack owners in the state especially along the beach belt of Goa.

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