Saturday, May 2, 2009

Precautionary measures against swine flu in Goa

The state government of Goa is not taking any chances regarding the steps to prevent swine flu from entering the state of Goa and have initiated precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the flu from hitting the state.

Accordingly, all foreign tourists coming from areas that encountered the swine flu outbreak would be checked for symptoms at immigration counters at the Dabolim airport by a team of two doctors and other para-medical staff.

However only those foreigners who have traveled to or from the areas affected by the disease and show symptoms of the disease would be screened and sample taken from them would be sent for examination at Pune.

The integrated disease surveillance project epidemiological cell, directorate of health services, Goa who has opened its centre at Dabolim airport on Wednesday following the outbreak of swine flu disease has screened around 150 passengers who arrived at Dabolim airport on Wednesday late night and in the wee hours of Thursday morning by two separate flights.

The doctor's team stationed at the arrival gate of Dabolim airport screened all the passengers but did not find anyone suspected to be afflicted by the viral swine flu disease.

It has been decided that the doctors at the centre will be screening a;ll; the passengers whether domestic or international. Such passengers will be handed with a profile to tick mark the questionnaire which include whether the passenger has visited countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, France and UK during last 10 days. The passengers have also been told to tick mark for sore throat, running nose, cough and fever.

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