Friday, May 29, 2009

Goa bound in summer? Check your food & clothing

The onset of the summer in Goa calls for shedding of inhibitions towards the chilled stuff and people indulge in freaking out on small eats and chilled drinks and ice creams to ward off all the nuances of the weather prevailing in Goa during this time.  

The diet factor can therefore be divided into three segments. Basic water, fluids and basic main course. Water is indeed known as the balm of summer drinks in Goalife. It transfers out the heat from the body through perspiration and thereby keeps the body cooler. It is believed that in the case of children the intake of water should essentially be around three litres in the summer season in Goa while adults should consume around five litres.

Secondly fluids are also an essential intake for the body to simultaneously balance the vital composition of sodium and potassium in the body. Here the Goan tender coconut water is a great choice. Also lime juices, buttermilk and watermelon juice besides lemonades with mint and added salt and sugar can do wonders to cool the body internally.

For the main course, it is always better to take light and easily digestible food in smaller qualities but the frequency of should be more instead of taking big meals once or twice a day. Vegetables should be freshly consumed especially the vegetables that hold a lot of water inside them like bottle gourd, pumpkin, leafy vegetables etc could be the ideal ingredient for curries. Fruits with green salads and sprouts can decorate the dinner table making the meal a real healthy one. Red meats are best avoided along with most non-vegetarian foods and spicy foods when the temperature is on the rise.

For Clothing, it may be the right time for colorful prints and cool dress senssummer clothing in Goae to prevail. Synthetic and layered clothes are a big no-no. Cottons and natural fabric base3d clothing are preferred in light  colours during the peak of a Goan summer. Loose and airy clothes help to give the desired relief from the constant sweat oozing from the body. Elderly people and children should take precautisummer hat in Goaons to protect themselves from direct exposure to the sun and heat by sporting a cap or a hat which also gives a smart look. 

The skin also needs special treatment during summer in Goa. During the summer the vulnerability of the skin comes to the fore as the skin is bound to get exposed to the rays of the sun when you go outdoors in Goa. Taking a bath atleast twice a day reduces the external heat and soothes the skin which sun beating down in Goahas been exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun, to a large extent. Generous use of Ultra violet screen lotion and powder ( talcum or prickly heat powder) would assist in nourishing the skin. However prickly heat powder is best avoided for children below two years of age.

For people in Goa who  do not have an air-conditioner to reduce the ambient temperature, should use the khas-khas mats ( vottivella chapalu) thick curtains or hang wet bed sheets on the windows and doors to reduce the inflow of heat. Infants may be placed under mosquito nets with a wet cloth cover placed under the fan to give a cooling effect.

If one is affected by the heat it is best to administer a lot of fluids and water preferably with electrolyte compound and rush the victim to the nearest doctor.

There are some home made cooling drinks such as lime juice and sour and sweet drinks which can help in cooling if taken once or twice a day. These drinks need to be served chilled to get the desired effect and has the potential to beat the heat to a large extent.

The eamango panna - drink in Goasiest mango drink to cool oneself is the Khatta meeta( sweet and sour) which can be prepared by grinding raw mango pulp to a paste and adding sugar and salt to taste. A few mint leaves and crushed roasted jeera to the paste helps it to preserve. Two spoonfuls of this paste in a glass of cold water , well stirred and with few crystals of roc salt is a thirst quencher besides cooling you naturally.

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