Monday, May 18, 2009

Lok Sabha Elections : Cong is King - calls the shots

Its a pleasant surprise for Independent India of the modern times to be presented with a result that promises more stability than has been witnessed in recent times.

While no one thought that the congress-led UPA would emerge as winners, some did opine that the Congress would turn out to be the single largest party and the UPA as the topmost coalition, but few imagined that the party would retain office with a staggering tally of 206 seats - the highest that any single party has got in the last 25 years . The UPA has secured a tally of 262 seats which is only 10 short of the simple majority of 272 seats required to form a government.

The extent of the Congress win looks more remarkable when one considers the fact that the Congress did not contest all seats in big states such as Maharashtra,West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Besides it took the plunge on its own in states such as UP and Bihar without any groundwork or preparation. While the gamble did not pay off in Bihar, it threw up delightful results for the party in Uttar Pradesh. Bihar also gave the party a sizeable chunk of the Muslim votebank.

The election thus marked an emphatic endorsement of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi as the leader of the UPA. It also gave a thumbs up to the young Rahul Gandhi whose hard work in Uttar Pradesh provided more than the desired results to the party. The congress themselves are pleasantly surprised with the final tally which is an impressive 206 seats on its own and 262 seats in total for the UPA.

Well done! Now the bigger job of leading the country in the right direction, by keeping with the times, lies ahead!

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