Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goa FDA expected to be tough on eateries this monsoon

With the prospect of water borne diseases facing the state in the oncoming monsoons, the Goa FDA is taking no chances and is ecxpected to intensify its random checks on eateries in the state in a bid to prevent the occurrence of water borne diseases during the monsoon season.

The Goa FDA director maintained that the various restaurants in the state have been forewarned about the need to be compliant with the directives in the licenses issued to them and unhygienic conditions in these places would be viewed  stringently for strict action under the Goa Prevention of Food Adulteration rules.

De4pending on the gravity of the non-conformance of regulations, the penalty could range from suspension of license to its cancellation. The director explained that with the monsoons hitting the state there is a general tendency of overall deterioration of hygiene in various restaurants and the departments food inspectors have therefore been instructed to check on the supply and storage of water and overall cleanliness and personal hygiene of the staff in order  to prevent the contamination of the food.

Stale food and all such deficiencies are also expected to be viewed seriously by the Goa FDA during this coming season and joint inspections along with municipality staff and officers of  the health services will also be conducted as the spreads over 12 inspectors who will fan out across Goa along with food sampling attendants. There are an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 eateries all over Goa.

The FDA has further urged the participation of the Goan public to help the campaign and has asked them only to patronise clean and hygienic restaurants in the state while reporting any eateries that operate in unhygienic conditions. the telephone number of the FDA for reporting such situations is 2220245 with extension 225.

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