Sunday, May 3, 2009

Goa meet reveals facts on frogs and toads

Goa and Goans made sure that the international day of the frog was celebrated at Porvorim with interactive sessions, presentations and quiz as part of WildGoa's 'Save Our Frogs" campaign.

"Amphibians of Goa" being the theme, a photo exhibition was held in the display area of the eco-store "Earth Worm" to create awareness of the diversity of amphibian species that have been documented in Goa so far.

There was also a visitors area at the exhibition space dedicated to visitors views and suggestions on the "save our Frogs" campaign. Mr Nirmal Kulkarni also gave a powerpoint presentation and talk focussing on the topic "Amphibian Diversity of Goa" where he highlighted the key species that were threatened in Goa due to illegal hunting and trade as well as due to the loss of habitat.

The interactive session saw an attendance of students, wildlife enthusiasts and media persons who also participated in various issues related to amphibian conservation and biology. During the breaks visitors spoke intensely about various issues including garbage management, habitat destruction in the Pilerne lake area and the role of the forest department in the 'Save Our Frogs" campaign.

A quiz on amphibians was later conducted and many unknown facts about frogs and toads were revealed through this medium.

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