Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goa Law commission to amend Goa Mundkar act

Brazen sale of large tracts of land in Goa to all and sundry seems to have finally opened the eyes of the Goa government whose state law commission has decided to bring an amendment to the Goa, Daman and Diu Act 1975, more popularly known as the Protection to Mundkar Act to tackle the problem of sale of land by Mundkars who become owners of the land without any attachments.

The commission seems to have discovered that land prices are being hiked in the state and the above legislation in its current form says nothing about vesting of ownership rights in the tenants. The tenants or Mundkars, after attaining the status of the owner of the land are also observed to be selling their lands to non-Goans especially in areas of the coastal belt. Further, once the tenant becomes the owner of the land he/she comes out of the purview of Protection to Mundkar act and this aspect is sought to be taken care of by amending the said act.

A member of the commission also felt that the state has presently no legislation regarding apartments and flats and hence considerations of documents such as sale deeds and transfer of land and building to registered societies by the  promoters and builders is not undertaken on time.

The state's law commission has also noted that a number of Portuguese legislations like family laws, inheritance laws and those pertaining to marriage, succession as well as divorce still exist in Goa even after over 48 years of Liberation from Portuguese  rule and the commission is all set to make an inventory of the same. Subsequently, it is planned to obtain English translations of these legislations from the original ones in the Portuguese language.

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