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Beating the summer in Goa

The scorching heat in the summer is nothing new for Goans or for tourists who visit Goa regularly tGoans beating summer heathis time of the year. And now towards end of April and early may it probably tests you near its all  time highs. While many Goans just escape to the water springs and the beaches in Goa there needs to be a regular survival kit to beat the summer.

Here are a few tips which could do just that

Control your diet

  • Goan foods are normally hot and spicy. It is best to Goan vegetablesavoid such foods. Instead try some vegetable based foods such as dal, chapati and Goan vegetable such as ladyfingers etc. Eat moderately as stomach upsets in summer in Goa is not a new phenomenon. 
  • Water based Goan summer fruitsfruits from Goa are a great escape to beat the heat in Goa and the water melon probably tops the list. Apart for the water melon, cucumber, oranges, carrots and spinach help on the water addition to the body since the humidity in Goa makes the body  lose a fair amount of water. 

  • The Goan coconut water is another source of rich content for the body and although some may prefer to rely on the 'eight glasses a day' theory, it is important that one has enough of water as much as one feels. Goa tender coconut water or lime juice in water ( without sugar preferably) helps to balance the water levels in the body

Hold your temptations

  • It is best to avoid food with excessive fat and sodium content. Sodium causes water retention thereby further dehydrating the body. Salty peanuts, chips and oily foods are bad as well. Instead a bowl of fresh fruit or a cup of Yogurt could do wonders

Kid management

  • Loss of appetite in kids at this time of the year in Goa is a regular phenomenon and if the kids complain, provide them with compact meals - stuffed parathas, vegetables -sabhji wrapped in Goan chapatis, curd-rice or raitha khichdi
  • Instead of water, Goan tender coconut water is the best option besides lime juice water or mixed fruit juice.

Caring for your skin

  • During the summer in Goa, prickly heat, fungal skin infections and sun burns are the common complaints. In order to avoid these problems, preventive action is a must. Goa sun bathing
  • Prickly heat is caused by an itchy infection mainly due to blockage of sweat glands. The best recourse to combating prickly heat in Goa is by taking a shower twice a day. If more prone, take thrice if possible.
  • Fungal Skin infection is caused due to excessive perspiration and lack of air circulation. Avoid fabrics which are synthetic and do not wear tight clothes. Also use comfortable footwear and avoid closed shoes.
  • Sun Burns in Goa are quite a bother for some people in the summer. To beat sun burns it is best to avoid over exposure to the sun which can tan you skin and even burn it. The result is that you develop black skin patches that peel off. Moisturise this affected area and do not pull the peeling skin. General hygiene is the basic requirement and diligent skin care can go a long way in avoiding sun burns. Preventive measures are
  1. Taking a shower immediately after any exertion or any exercise
  2. Wearing open shoes to allow proper circulation
  3. Always wearing a sunblock lotion

Summer ailments

  • Summer ailments are also a common feature and you can also get affected in Goa like anywhere else. Summer ailments are mainly caused by poor hygiene, water infections and dehydration. common ailments are
  • Gastroenteritis : This is mostly common among those who consume pre-cooked meals. During summer, the foods tend to get spoilt faster owing to the heat than in the other seasons in Goa, and consumption of such deteriorated foods can lead to vomiting and food poisoning. The Solution to this ia to have freshly cooked meals and boiled water as also well washed fruits such as oranges, bananas and sweet limes.
  • Coughs and Colds : During summer due to the fluctuating temperatures in Goa, often due to the difference in temperatures in the street against the temperature of the bedroom or office AC often results in coughs and colds. Excessive consumption of iced water and cold foods are also responsible for this trend. The Solution to this is to maintain a nice transitional AC temperature which could hover between 22-25 degrees. Consume lesser cold foods and beverages in correct measures.

Dehydration Blues

  • Over exposure to the summer can be severely dehydrating by snuffing away the essential hydration from the body which then needs to be replenished with water. Giddiness, headaches, fainting and fever are some of the symptoms.

    The Solution to this problem is to regularly have an intake of liquids during the day and ear a cap or a hat while you are outdoors in the sun. A shower in between the day is also bound to be a great soother.

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