Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goa's Bogmalo village wells adulterated with petroleum content

VIllagers of Chicolna Bogmalo were naturally upset and concerned over the finding of petroleum products in the drinking water wells once again around the area.

About a year ago a similar predicament was faced by the villagers in this area and the state government had assured then that the affected well owners would be provided compensation. However with opver a year passing, no compensation has ever come their way.

The villagers have now confirmed once again that the drinking water in the wells in the area have indeed been contaminated causing a major worry to the villagers. The panchayat members took a sample of the contaminated water from one of the wells and observed that it caught fire immediately upon lighting.

A spring near the area has also been contaminated thereby disturbing the aquatic life around the spring and raising the fear of the panchayat of villagers further The village of Chicolna Bogmalo had been trying to beautify this spring in a bid to attract tourists to the area. however with the contamination, no tourists are frequenting the place currently.

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