Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portuguese passport process for Goans-Divergence certificate

It has indeed been quite a while since I last posted on this blog regarding the Portuguese passport process for Goans. Part of the reason for that skip has been the scorching summer in Goa which has definitely urged mankind living in this part of the world to take the  much necessary break and chill out. However with the summer heat making way for the monsoon showers its been a couple of days now with the soothing rains cooling down many Goan tempers. For some, this new change of climate also marks as the most agonising period of absolute frustration often described as days of dullness and boredom. Thank God I do not belong to that club.

In the portuguese passportmeanwhile there have been quite a few queries on this blog regarding the Portuguese passport process and in particular reference to the divergence certificate which it seems has been required of such aspirants during their process.

A divergence certificate is called for when there exists a disparity in the name of a candidate between his/her various documents such as passport , birth certificate (Teor or extract).A divergence certificate is therefore required for a person who may also have additional names, error in spellings of names etc. A divergence certificate is merely to state that the candidate is also known by the other name(s) as listed so that it is a clear clarification.

Firstly to get the divergence certificate, an application in the prescribed form has to be made to the mamlatdar and submitted to the talathi of the area, if you are in city limits.

If you are residing in a village area under the jurisdiction of a panchayat,a similar application has to be made to the Sarpanch who shall call for a local inquiry to be conducted, thereby verifying the documents in support of the applicants claim, and issue the divergence certificate.

For the prescribed form to be submitted to the talathi, the following format is to be used to provide information about yourself

No Field Description
1 Name: ( your name here)
2 Detailed Address (type a detailed address here)
3 Fathers name ( your fathers name )
4 Date and place of Birth (00-00-0000 and place)
4 Profession/occupation (service / housewife etc)
6 Married / Unmarried (type status here)
7 Husband/wife's name ( your spouse's name)
8 Name as per birth certificate, school leaving certificate or other such docs (birth certificate or school leaving certificate)
9 Name as mentioned in voters ID ( mention the name as per the voters elector card)
10 Documentary evidence relating to the divergence certificate required (Marriage certificate or any other certificate which has the other name)
11 Purpose for which the certificate is required To produce before the Portuguese consulate

The talathi has to therefore verify the details listed as above and issue the divergence certificate. Please note that the divergence certificate is normally issued in English and needs to be translated to portuguese.

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