Friday, June 26, 2009

Abide by Indian laws when in Goa - Shantaram to foreigners

In reaction to the news reports about some British citizens who have purchased land and have now approached the British Prime Minister Mr Gordon Brown, complaining that the sale deeds of their properties are not being registered by sub-registrars in Goa, Rajya Sabha MP Mr Shantaram Naik  advised the affected British Nationals to comply with Indian laws and also appreciate the problems of the state of Goa and its people, caused by the large-scale execution of purchase deeds by foreign nationals.

Pointing out that Goa has only an area of 3702 square kilometres he said that Goans have a natural tendency to be protective about their shantaram Naik scarce land resources.

Mr. Shantaram Naik while stressing that Goa is not against any specific foreign nationality, also revealed that there are many foreign nationals who do not fulfill the requirement of 182 days stay in India and without holding a business visa attempt to misrepresent and misguide the authorities to enter into land dealings which is illegal and said that such attempts have to be firmly dealt with and put to an end.

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