Saturday, June 20, 2009

BJP wants Goans to be denied casino entry

In the latest mudslinging match involving ministers, MLAs, opposition members, casino operators and casino managers, the BJP has come out with a demand to ban the entry of Goans on the floating as well as the land based casinos in the state thereby denying an opportunity to Goans to gamble and lose their money which causes adverse effects on the social life in Goa, with a number of Goan families already bearing the brunt of the decision to permit casinos in Goa which have disrupted their lives.

The opposition leader Mr Manohar Parrikar also alleged that the state was not earning any revenue as projected by the lobby of the offshore casinos which according to him, belies the figures supplied by the commissionerate of commercial taxes. casino in Goa

Parrikar also came out heavily on Ministers who frequent casinos and said that there are atleast 5 ministers who are regulars at the various casinos in Goa and urged the government to investigate and find their sources of income.

the BJP leader said that Goan families are going broke due to the gambling by their family members in casinos and demanded that all Goans be barred from casino entry except for Goan staff employed at such casinos

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