Monday, June 22, 2009

Goan Beaches - Majorda Beach

The Majorda Beach is located in South Goa and is at a distance of around 6 kms from Margao city. A picturesque beach, it is one of those beaches which has been a favourite location for the local Goan population who simply love this beach and spend their evenings on the sands of the beach in a mood of fun and frolic. A relatively quieter beach in this part of Goa, Majorda has a unique village charm attached to it that despite the visitors frequenting the beach, there is a sense of serenity sprawling on the beach which seems to be at peace with itself.

The distinct part of this beach in South Goa is the presence of swinging palm trees which are in thick population along the beach side. Its soft sands and aquamarine waters are known to have attracted tourists to Tourists at majorda beach Goathis place for ages and the same trend continues. The beach therefore is a host to visitors from all over the world who continue to swell in numbers owing to the charm that the beach tends to exert upon its visitors.

For the freaks who love myths there is the belief of the hindu mythology of Ram believed to have been kidnapped as a child and brought to Majorda. This myth has added to the mystique associated with the beautiful Majorda Beach which sees nature and mythology merge in natural beauty

Majorda Beach is ideally located  and can be reached from Colva via Betalbatim and is at a distance of around 5 km from the Colva Beach. It is also located at a close distance of 15 km from the Dabolim airport in Goa and as such is easily accessible. The Dabolim airport is located at a distance of 16 kms from the Majorda beach Majorda beach sport

While the Majorda beach resort is the major resort in the area, it is also one of the foremost resorts in Goa and dates back to the eighties when Goa had only a couple of other resorts to cater to the demands of tourism which was on a low key  in those days. There are various guest houses though and one can find a place to stay at Majorda for a great holiday. For accommodation planning in advance at cheap rates it is best to get in touch with " Goa Living styles" who provide accommodation in serviced apartments at a cheap rate. However the accommodation is classy and can be compared to hotel accommodation. To book your accomodation at a cheaper rate in Majorda click here 

Majorda is well known for its different bakeries producing quality bread ( the Goan pao ) in the area. The Jesuits are credited to have discovered the taste for Goan toddy here and used it to ferment the bread. the neighbourly holiday spots in majorda beach swimmingclose proximity to Majorda are Arrossim beach, Utorda Beach, Velsao Beach and Cansaulim beaches.

Early risers love to go to the Majorda beach to watch the sun rise and get themselves bathed in the morning sun. Kids love to construct sand castles and make caricatures on the beach surface while playing  with the silken sand of this beach while the beach at Majorda is considered to be a swimming haven and quite safe for tourists to venture. However it is best to follow the advice of the life guards appointed to look after tourist safety and their opinion should be taken in the right spirit thereby avoiding any casualties.

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