Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vasco celebrates feast of Sao Pedro in Goa

The feast of Saint Peter or Sao Pedro, the patron saint of the fisherfolk in Goa, termed by many as the "God of the sea" was celebrated by the fishing community at Khariwaddo in Vasco on Monday 29th June 2009 as per their annual tradition. Prayers seeking better prospects in the coming fishing season were offered on the occasion.

The feast of "Sao Pedro" is an annual affair  for the fishing community residing in Vasco's areas of Khariwaddo, Non-mon, Pixem-Dongri and other areas inhabited by the community who engage in fishing activities in the port city. This is a traditional feast celebrated by these communities and dates back to centuries when their ancestors began the tradition.

This time around, after offering prayers at the Old Cross chapel at Khariwaddo, by the parish priest of St Andrew's Church Vasco,  Fr Jose Antonio Da Costa, the members of the fishing community went towards the Khariwaddo jetty in a procession to the accompaniment of the brass band. Next they embarked into the sea in colorfully decorated fishing canoes which were adorned with flowers, leaves, balloons and coconut palms.

Here the parish priest offered prayers to Sao Pedro and also sought a blessing for the fishing community and prayed for God's protection on them when they venture out into the high seas to earn their bread.

The celebrations culminated with all the fishing community groups such as the Ramponkars, the Magkars, the Boatkars and other members of the community offering prayers and then venturing into the sea in their decorated boats.

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