Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain shortfall dips water in Goa's dams

The shortfall in the rainfall owing to a dry spell currently observed in Goa has led to a significantly lower water level being recorded at the state's major dams of Anjunem and Selaulim. The shortfall at this time in the rainfall against last year is over 10 cms. while the water level in the Anjunem dam was recorded at 74 cms by the end of June in 2008, this year the water level recorded during the same period has been found to be only 67.66 cm which is close to the minimum water level of the dam which is 62 cms.

Last year the Anjunem dam had a water presence of 770 ha/m during the above period. However the current amount of water has been measured to be only 264.7 ha/m as of June 25 2009.selaulim dam

The water level in the Selaulim dam for the year 2008 was 34.74 cm as of June 25 2008 with 10,682 ha/m of water present in the dam. however this year as of June 25 2009, the water level in the dam is 34.74 with the water present in the dam being nearly half the quantity at 5788.40 ha/m. Thankfully, the figure is much above the minimum height of water recorded in the dam which is 20.42 cm.

The water resources department has however dispelled any fears and informed that the current water stored in the dam would suffice the state for the next two months without causing any worries of shortages and the department expected the  water levels to rise by July as the rains begin to pick up.

The water levels in the major water reservoirs of the state are also lower than last year. the water levels at Amthani and Chapoli reservoirs were found to be lesser than last year during the same period. the water level at Opa has also come down this year as compared to 2008.

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