Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Benaulim villagers want starred hotels to fill their gulf of recession

The villagers of Benaulim are reported to have been stirred to move a resolution in the gram sabha  on Sunday 29th June 2009, seeking to secure 90 percent jobs in the village's starred hotels and the hotel industry as a whole to be utilised for Goans particularly those returning back to Goa from the Gulf countries due to recession and lay-offs.

goa hotels The hotly debated topic was among a host of topics which have been plaguing the Benaulim village for a long time including the demonic problem faced by the emergence of mega projects in the village which have been opposed by the villagers tooth and nail.

The villagers of Benaulim are quite upset over the adamant attitude of the hoteliers to recruit local villagers and a after a detailed discussion on the subject, a five member committee was formed to keep a check on hotels that fail to employ the locals.

Erring builders and megaprojects were also discussed and demands were made to take the violators to task. The issue of the Dando football ground also came up while where there were complaints about the panchayat body failing to take possession of the ground.

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