Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portuguese passport procedure - format of divergence certificate

In continuance of my previous post regarding the Portuguese passport process and the divergence certificate, it is prudent to know that while the talathi's offices in Goa issue the divergence certificate in English, which needs to be translated to Portuguese, the Panchayats in Goa may be willing to issue the certificate directly in Portuguese which saves a lot of time and money besides being a more credible document having been directly attested by the authority issuing it.

However the Sarpanch of the panchayat needs to be convinced about the contents of the divergence certificate and since most of the Sarpanchas in Goa may not be able to read or understand Portuguese, such requests of seeking the divergence certificate directly in English may be declined. However some panchayats and Sarpanchas in Goa are quite accomodating and may be willing to co-operate with the applicant to help Goans to get the document directly in Portuguese.

Often the panchayats provide the letterhead to the applicant to type and get the divergence certificate directly in Portuguese on their letterhead. Once this is done, the panchayat confirms the contents of the certificate with their own reliable and confidential sources who know the Portuguese language and subsequently the Sarpanch certifies on the divergence certificate and after paying the requisite fees of Rs 100/- the certificate is issued. This is a great help if relented by the concerned panchayat from your village.

For those who can get the  letterhead and are able to type it, the format of the divergence certificate in Portuguese is given as under. Do enter the necessary names, taluka, fathers name etc and the certificate may be given to the panchayats for their certification and attestation. Do take the reference number and the date from the panchayat office to enter into the certificate as shown as under.

Ref No: VP/   /   /   /                              Date :_____________

Copy the following format and print on the said letter head


                      Divergência Certificado

Eu (name of Sarpanch), Presidente da Junta Aldeana de (name of the village) Concelho de (name of taluka), Goa, Índia, certifico que (your first name) também conhecido como (your second name), ambos os nomes são da mesma e única pessoa, filho de (your fathers name) e de (your mothers name) residente em (your address)

Passei este a pedido do interessa do dito (your first name) para os efeitos de transcrição do seu nascimento na Conservatória dos Registos Centrais Lisboa.

                                                 O Presidente

              (Sarpanch's name here)                    


Wherever it is bracketed in English, insert in the relevant name of the person, or village or taluka.

The above should help  all the Goan aspirants who have been seeking this format to prepare the divergence certificate in pursuit of the Portuguese passport.

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