Friday, June 26, 2009

CCP urges plastics out of ice-creams in Panjim

The CCP commissioner of Panjim Mr Sanjith Rodrigues who was re-appointed for another stint in the capital city has taken over the reins of the city once again and is at his best known task faster than the offenders could blink their eyelids. While the city restaurants and hotels are facing the ire of the corporation for strewing garbage outside thereby inviting hefty penalties, the others who fail to segregate garbage in separate bags have been learning the hard way to either fall in line or manage their own garbage affairs themselves.

The latest area which the CCP ( corporation of the city of Panjim) has addressed is the problem of plastic cups in which ice creams are served in the city which adds to the garbage in the form ogarbage binf plastic. The CCP has now asked all ice cream parlours in the city to stop using plastic containers, which is surely a way forward to tackle the garbage menace.

With this measure, the CCP rightly hopes that the daily garbage in Goa's capital city will be reduced considerably. Pananji is known to generate tonnes of plastic garbage including plastic bags every month and the proprietors of ice cream companies such as Baskin Robbins, Naturals Ice cream and Kwality Walls with parlours in the city have been asked to co-operate and the response is encouraging.

The CCP has also asked cafes and eateries in the city to serve customers in steel cups instead of plastic ones. The next people who hopefully should be reined in are the soft drink and water bottle companies  who generate maximum garbage besides the plastic bag manufacturers who probably top the list.

The state of Goa should emulate the example set by the CCP and address the core areas from where such garbage is generated and make the stakeholders accountable for the proliferation of garbage. This would be a wholesome approach to deal with the menace rather than burden Goans with the stench and foul litter which has become a gargantuan issue all over Goa.


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