Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Goan Sao Joao Kopels

At the Sao Joao festival in Goa, the sight to watch is of the Sao Joao "kopel". The Kopel is a type of a crown traditionally made for the sons in laws and is now become a trendy headgear for all revellers at the Sao Joao festival. Innovation seems to have no limit at the Sao Joao Kopel contest with each reveller bettering the other with a Kopel constitution full of every kind of Goan plant leaves ,flowers, buds, shrubs etc. Below are some tempting 'kopels" which made it for the day on 24th June 2009.

Sao Joao Kopel Sao Joao kopels
Sao joao celebrations Goan Sao Joao Kopel
The Goan Sao Joao Kopel competition Kopel at Goan Sao Joao

Viva Sao Joao

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