Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goa police to patrol on "Robins"

In a bid to make the police presence more stronger in the state of Goa and to enhance the response time of distress calls received at Police control rooms in Goa, the Goa police will now be seen in a new patrolling mode on motorcycles which have been code named as "Robins" and which will be henceforth located at strategic locations all over the state of Goa.

Goa being highly urbanised and accessible by Roads, the "Robins" are efficient for intensive patrolling which may be required in certain areas of Goa and which can be achieved through mobile patrolling motorcycles, informed the Director General of Police Mr Bhimsen Bassi.

30 new motorcycles are initially being introduced for integrated beat patrolling in the state and these motorcycles will be under the operational control of PCR while the local police will have administrative control. The Robins will be assisted by mobile patrol vans and would be more effective while patrolling in congested places, busy market places , narrow lanes and during traffic congestion.

Due to the sharp rise in Goa's population and the influx of migrants into the state, it has forced the police to stretch their duty hours and the Robins are expected to help towards better community policing.

Goa being a tourist spot, it is imperative that the police presence in the streets as well as attendance to people in distress is available. Robins will be manned by two uniformed policemen which include a head constable and a police constable and will be provided with a wireless set for communications.

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