Friday, July 3, 2009

Goa launches "Missing Persons Squad"

Stung by widespread criticism of failure to thoroughly investigate into the missing complaints brought to the fore by the arrest and subsequent confessions of alleged serial killer Mahanand Naik, the Goa Police have now formed a special squad called a "Missing Persons Squad' (MPS)to separately monitor the efforts made to trace missing persons in the wake of rising number of missing person cases in the state of Goa.

The separate cell of MPS was inaugurated by the home minister Mr missing person squad in Goa Ravi Naik on Thursday 2nd July 2009. The unit will function under the supervision of a police inspector from Women police cell and will be responsible for performing and monitoring duties assigned to multi task force. Initial  efforts within 15 days  after receiving the missing complaint are to be given critical importance and the investigation officers have been directed to inform police stations in Goa and neighbouring states inform the MPS and prepare look out notices.

Also all missing cases will be kept open mandatorily for six months and will be close only with the MPS permission. Though the case will be closed, the missing persons file will be kept for seven years and only then will it be destroyed.

When a missing complaint is made to any police station, the police officer in charge shall ensure immediate despatch of information on talash form to the MPS . Thereafter monthly information from district SP, will be sent to the squad.

On receipt of information from the PCR, the MPS will enter the same in the station diary of women's police station and thereafter copy the details in the register of missing persons maintained in MPS according to proforma. There will be two separate search registers, one for males and another for females. the entries for minors will be made in red ink in the name column.

Simultaneously, the message will be passed on to investigating officer and photographs will be flashed to passport office, railway stations, bus stations, border check posts , TV channels and other media and efforts will be made to trace the missing person or if there is any suspicion, then the police officer will begin investigations on the spot especially for children below 12 years of age.

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