Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goa awaits Khell-tiatr festival

The annual Khell tiatr festival organised by Kala Academy in Goa is expected to be staged at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir Auditorium from July 14 to July 21 and will begin at 7 pm. The festival has an array of plays lined up for good entertainment for the enthusiasts of the tiatr in Goa who are probably in waiting for this festival which is due to begin today June 14 2009.

Among the various plays to be staged, is "Hanv Porot Letelim" which is written by Socorro and produced by Liby's productions from Santa Cruz. It is a tiatr which exposes the rich crooked people who exploit women and especially young widows. Although the woman fights back, she cannot bear the ungratefulness of her own son. Maria Martins plays the lead role impressively while Socorro, Carmine, Peter de Merces and Cyril Almeida are in good support.

"Faleam Udetelem is a play by Pascoal Rodrigues Goa tiatrwho is well known for his penchant for stories based on social issues. In this play, Pascoal acts, directs and his singing abilities also come to the fore.

Dominic Carvalho who has carved a niche for himself on the tiatr stage with some impressive plays comes around with "TGoa khell tiatr festivalim Odhik Bhagi" which is a narration of family conflicts and the way in which others take advantage of the situation. The tiatr also takes a critical view of the way Goans are selling their land to people from outside Goa.

Anil and Olga will present their own tiatr titled "Ek Dhago Sukhacho"  which is written and directed by Anil Pednekar and is a story of family values. The cast has Anil ,Olga, Luis Bacchan, Aplon, Netto and Anil in the lead roles.

Maxcy Pereira weaves a tragic tale with "Amchei Anvdde" which depicts the story of an individual who sacrifices everything for his brother, including the love of his life, only to be repaid with ungratefulness with innocent parents suffering in the conflict. The script is reviewed as a good one and the play holds its audience Goan tiatr spellbound.

"Love story 2009" coming from the tragedy King Mario Menezes is the story of two lovers wherein the girl is murdered in the most gruesome manner and the boy is accused of the heinous crime. After being arrested by a corrupt police officer, the boy has to fight against odds to prove his innocence.This murder mystery is woven in suspense and the cast of Rosy Alvares, Agnes, Lawry Travasso, Mario de Vasco, Edison, Mario Menezes and others perfrom brilliantly to keep the audience on their toes.

Menino De Bandar will present "Jiv" on the final day of the festival. The tiatr delivers a good message and is featuring Antonette de Calangute, Angela, Ida, Cielo and Ben Evangelisto in the main cast.

Khell tiatr lovers in Goa are therefore in for a treat this monsoon.

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