Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Met dept observes normal rainfall in Goa for June

The Goa meteorological observatory maintained that Goa had registered a comparatively normal rainfall in the month of June which was measured at 30 inches. The observatory noted that the state of Goa had recorded a 29 inch rainfall for the year 2006, 42 inches during 2007 while 30.5 inch rainfall was recorded in 2008.

The present cloudy rainfall in the state indicated that there is bound to be ample rainfall in the state during the next two days in Goa. However even though Goa has recorded a 30 inch rainfall during the present month ending today, it has been unevenly spread around the state of Goa. However the meteorological department has stated that the overall situation in Goa was Ok and that the rain would pick up momentum. 
Goan farmers
The rain shortfall is not expected to cause much problems for the farmers in Goa who spent the first half of the month ploughing their land and raising a nursery while the latter half is spent in transplanting which continues till the middle of July.

The random showers during June helped the irrigation sources and seedlings could be raised with the heavy rains towards the end of June helping the farmers cause greatly.

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