Friday, July 10, 2009

Mamata includes Margao railway station for world class plans

After local Goan politicians of the Congress were crying sore over the ill treatment meted out to Goa by not mentioning its name at all in the railway budget presented by the Railways Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee last week, the railway Minister seems to have heard all the grievances of the congressmen from Goa and now appears to have made amendments to her budgeted speech by including Goa in her list as a station awaiting upgradation to world class facilities.

It does seem that Mamata has realised late that Goa does figure onMargao Railway Station the railway map of India. She mentioned Goa while replying to a marathon debate on the Railway budget which was passed by  a voice vote in the Lok sabha on Thursday.

Announcing that more railway stations in the country would be upgraded to world class status, Mamata Banerjee announced the names of Goa and Calicut, thus adding to the list of fifty stations already mentioMamata banerjee for Goa station upgradationned by her for this purpose. The Margao Railway station (also known as the MADGAON railway station) in South Goa was thus included into this elite list and can now be expected to be upgraded to world class status.

The railway minister was criticised by Goa politicians for ignoring the state in her presentation of the budget proposal last week where Goa's name did not figure in her scheme of things. Among other things, politicians in Goa have sought the introduction of special trains for Goa, it being a famous tourist destination in the world. The Chief Minister of Goa  Mr Digambar Kamat welcomed the new announcement made by Ms Mamata Banerjee and thanked her for the same.

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