Saturday, July 4, 2009

DSSS for Goans! Domicile comes under scanner.

With the aim of ensuring that only genuine Goans benefit from the Goa governments' much touted Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) the state administration is mulling to increase the period of stay in the state from a mere 15 years to a more realistic 25 years to prevent migrants from other states from availing the benefit which was actually mooted for Goans.

The suggestion was part of many such suggestions put forth on Goans Friday July 3 2009, when the ad-hoc committee on health and social welfare met for the second time. There members of the committee pointed out to the blatant misuse of the DSSS scheme by pensioners, migrants and by those availing the benefit of other schemes.

The committee was of the view that an immediate survey of thegoans in Goa beneficiaries under DSSS was necessary to weed out undeserving persons to prevent its misuse since the number of claimants for the DSSS benefit was steadily on the rise and the government could find itself unable to sustain the scheme if bonafide Goan people are not verified immediately.

The committee was also critical of misuse of government schemes by producing a caste certificate issued by "samaj' presidents. AlsoGoan people coming under the committees's notice was the rampant private businesses indulged in by employees of government run hospitals at Goa medical college and Hospicio, where such employees were involved in private businesses such as running of canteens, restaurants and money lending which the committee felt should be stopped forthwith.

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