Monday, July 11, 2011

The Indien Goa that Europeans love

Goa is known as the "Rome of the East" in many western travel books and reviews. It is also referred to as "Indien goa" by many countries in their own language. Indien being for India, Goa has caught a fascination for these tourists, be they from Germany, Sweden or Denmark, their favorite destination in India is definitely Indien Goa.

For many years, Indien Goa with its natural beauty and God given generous array of stunning beaches has been the source of attraction for tourists from across the globe with holiday bound visitors flocking to the state for a tour of the various religious and historical places in the state besides the beautiful beaches and the aromatic spice farms which hold a special charm for tourists arriving in Goa.

Tourism in Indien Goa has provided numerous opportunities for many Goans with the hotel industry of Goa accounting for the maximum heads of employment. The beach shacks and the tourist taxis operating in Goa have also been a major employment generator for Goans who have made the most of the tourism bug hitting the state. Add to that list the rent-a-bike operators, garment stores etc and the business has certainly improved with the increase in tourism.

The hotel industry in Goa being the major magnet for employment to Goans, it has also proved to be a good platform for Goans to gain experience through the various hotels operating in the state to gain the requisite experience in the field of hospitality and thereby equip themselves with the necessary certification to secure better prospects int the middle east and the most coveted jobs which Goans flock to - the cruise lines.

For tourists North Goa and south Goa are two broadly divided areas which offer different experiences in Goa tourism. While some love north Goa for being the vibrant tourism belt of Goa there are others who would swear by south Goa owing to its serenity and tranquil surroundings to compliment the beauty of the beach locations. North Goa is considered more lively in terms of fun parties, discos and other entertainment filled beach fests and shows unlike the calmness prevailing in south Goa.

In recent times the star hotels are organizing their own tours for their guests thus ensuring that their fringe activities add to their economics of scale. The well off tourists are therefore attracted by the tours of the star hotels and the budgeted tourists normally depend on the services of Goa tours offered by local Goans in Goa. Rent-a bike facility is also very popular among tourists arriving in Goa for a holiday as it gives them the opportunity of discovering Goa on their own and without the hassle of being tied down to a large group in a bus or a van. Rent-a-bike facilites are offered at almost every location in Goa and one can see various rent-a-bike Honda Activa scooters being used by tourists to move around freely in Goa. Some tourists do prefer the luxury of the taxis and the vans as they can afford to see Goa at their own leisure and pace while being ferried around.

The beach shacks in Goa have also seen tremendous business pouring in from loyal tourists who prefer the beach shacks in comparison to the regular hotels or the starred restaurants as the beach shacks are known to offer traditional food which is believed to be the actual Goan taste as locals prepare the food themselves and the seafood is a great way to start your meal at a good beach shack in Indien Goa.

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