Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hi! Welcome to Goacom's Blog!

A big hello and thanks for clicking on my twitter page URL in my profile which brought you here. Wondering what this blog is all about?. A-ha! Ok! I am going to very much touch on the basics about this place and you can take it from there!

I have hooked myself on to twitter quite late in the day honestly but I guess better late than never. Its kind of perturbed me that you can't put much in your twitter profile and I just woke up the other day saying to myself but Hey! I can surely come up with a landing page at my blog that can help my visitors know better about this blog on Goa!

You are now on my blog http://goacom.blogspot.com .This blog started out as a hobby to keep folks informed about whats happening in my beloved Goa and the label Goa news was thus born. Later I realised that there is much to Goa than just news and so pages about Goa beaches, Goan churches, Goa megaprojects ( a burning issue), Vigilant Goa and Goa Politics squeezed in.

Soon enough I realised I had lot of info myself on the Portuguese passport which so many Goans are faithfully pursuing and so was born the label on "Portuguese passport for Goans" where you get lot of info on how to go about your process and why to dump your agent.

For the avid tourist visiting Goa there are lot of pages on information about Goa. So Goa tourism, Goa tourist, Help for Goans, apartments on rent in Goa for tourists, Goa festivals, Malaria prevention in Goa, etc were spontaneously born.

For the Goan, there is plenty of information on Goan cuisine,weddings in Goa, Goa politics, Goans abroad, Great Goans, Goa weather, Goa tragedies, Goa football, Goa tiatr, Goa lawlessness, Goa nostalgia and Goa Christianity.

This blog has therefore slowly transformed itself into a page aimed at helping the public at large whether you are from Goa or outside, there is something here for everyone!

Delight yourself and do leave comments so that I can get some constructive feedback.

Thanks once again for visiting my blog!

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