Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goa the place where I belong

I have been in Goa all my life. It is the place I was born. Naturally it should give me a feeling of great belonging to this place. But No! Its much more than that. I simply thank God for allowing my life tobegin and flow in Goa. It is that kind of a place. Unbeatable, compared to the rest of India. Goa seems to be having a distinct charm, a melody, a melancholy which only the Goan can understand.

Its beauty and its people are incomparable. How? Why? . The answer is mystique and I doubt many have dwelt on the goanness of Goans. But its true. Goans are a different lot. A different breed.Goans originally hail from many parts of India which include places as close as Maharashtra and Karnataka to West Bengal. Centuries ago these people made Goa their home and now they identify themselves as Goan and are proud of their legacy.

In Goa communal riots are unheard of barring a few imported elements who nowadays create a bit of unrest. More in the next post....

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