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How to choose a good wedding mc in Goa

Weddings are great and extravagant affairs in modern Goa and more often than not, running into many lakhs of rupees when it comes to the cost of getting married. However despite the cost, most wedding couples in Goa do not bat an eyelid to ensure that the list of things on their wedding shopping list is premium and is meticulously chosen to ensure that their wedding turns out to be a great event to remember.

Pio Kevin - Goa wedding mc
Goa's popular wedding MC - Pio Kevin
However, more often than not, wedding couples often forget or rather neglect to give much attention to the wedding mc for their wedding and in fact engage someone who may be their acquaintance or a friend of a dear friend or sometimes a complete novice trying to "also dabble" in some pastime compering.......all at your wedding!The result of this can be quite disastrous and wedding couples in Goa have realised it only too late to help themselves to any change in their choice of the wedding mc. And since you marry only once in most cases, the chance of better planning "next time" does not exist and all that you can do is rue your decision or regret for not paying attention to this most important aspect of your wedding.

Says well known Goan compere Pio Kevin  " the cost of engaging a good master of ceremonies for a Goan wedding may be less than 2 percent of the total cost of the wedding but while it may be such a low cost head, the wedding mc in Goa is the centre of the wedding reception and is primarily instrumental in setting the right mood, enthusing the guests , infusing the optimum energy and consciously influencing the direction of which way the  wedding reception is headed". In short a wedding emcee is a celebration manager cum host and is the man responsible for setting the colour and the tone of your wedding. Would you still settle for someone average?  

However some wedding couples are hardly conscious of  the importance of a good wedding emcee and are subsequently left disappointed after the wedding, to no avail.  While good food, a great venue and a lively band may be the automatic first choices of a to-be-married couple planning their wedding in Goa  the choice of a good emcee should also be clearly on their radar if they are intending to make their reception an event to cherish. So how do you go about choosing a good mc for your wedding in Goa?

With demand comes supply and the wedding emcees in Goa have therefore grown in number over the years. It is therefore an unenviable task for a wedding couple to make the right choice given the number of wedding comperes available in Goa. Talking to the emcee over the phone before booking him should be the first step says Pio Kevin adding that this could provide the couple the basic and most clear indicator of the personality of the emcee through his speech. A casual meeting with the prospective emcee is also not a bad idea although this might be a bit difficult since many of the good emcees may not spare the time to schedule a meeting before being booked. However if you do have such a meeting you could get a better idea of the stature of your wedding emcee and could subtly generate information about his past exploits in this field. A small chat can do wonders and give you a small insight into the personality of your wedding mc and his scheme of doing things.However if your emcee is genuinely busy to schedule a pre-booking meet don't hold it against him. Its a busy world, remember?

You could still pour over the internet to add to your investigation and if your wedding mc has a website,all the better. A website would also mean that your wedding mc takes his job seriously and is not a part timer. The very fact that he chooses to have his own website tells you that he is keen for his prospective clients to know and understand him. That in itself could be a statement of confidence and you should check his website before you dial his number to make the advance payment and secure your booking.

When you indeed pay the booking amount don't forget to fix a post-booking meeting with your wedding compere to help him plan the wedding day in a much better way. It is always better to have all the information about the couple a bit in advance to the wedding day says Pio Kevin while revealing that  understanding the aspirations of the bridal couple is the key to hosting a good wedding celebration.

So if you are planning your wedding celebration in Goa, it is not too difficult to choose a good MC if you apply basic principles. A litlle research here and there can work wonders and you can rest in peace as the  right master of ceremonies will take control of your big day. Here's wishing all you prospective couples the very best in your search for the right master of ceremony for your wedding in Goa.

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