Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to get a driving licence for Goans in UK

For Goans having migrated to United Kingdom or any other European country,either through the Portuguese passport or otherwise, it can be quite a task to make a driving licence / license which is required to drive in UK or in rest of Europe. Besides being challenged for high level of English language which is required in the theory process in UK, the practical lessons themselves have been quite difficult for many Goans to pass through.

However a driving licence in the United kingdom is known to open doors UK driving licenceof opportunities for anybody living there and Goans are therefore keen to have a driving licence to improve their status as well as avail of the benefits. Mere travel inside the United Kingdom is expensive and the ability to drive your own vehicle is therefore a huge advantage.

The cost of a driving licence for the United Kingdom can increase with every test failure and the cost for many Goans seeking a driving licence, has easily run into thousands of pounds without success. However more than the cost of the driving licence for UK, Goans are more troubled by the process to be followed which involves elaborate tests which often discourage candidates from applying for a driving licence.

However now there is good news for Goans who have their Indian licence in Goa, to get a driving licence for the United Kingdom. Goans can now get their driving licence in United Kingdom without the hassles of theory tests and undergoing practical licence tests.

However it is strongly recommended that even though one may acquire a driving licence by virtue of the Indian Licence, it is important that proper training for UK standards be compulsorily taken by prospective Goans who seek to have such a licence as conditions in India and UK are completely different. Also standards of safety and discipline in driving for the United Kingdom are very important to be acquired, to be conversant with prevailing UK laws. Failure to be compliant with UK standards could put the drivers as well as pedestrians to dangerous risks associated with unqualified driving.

It is therefore important to know that this help is being given under the express hope that even though knowledge of English may be poor, one has to be conversant with the UK driving licence requirements, and learn the same although the driving test may not be undertaken in UK. Learning and mastering the English language is also important for Goans if there is any genuine concern to survive in the United Kingdom.

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