Thursday, October 23, 2008

RTI - A Powerful tool

RTI for Goa
Since the time the government Of India has introduced the RTI act ( Right to Information) it has become a nightmare for the bureaucrat, the clerk or the secretary working in a government or a semi-government department.

So powerful is the tool that its very use puts these people on the defensive and pushes them to do their duties which they might have otherwise denied to do.

To use RTI is very simple. You are entitled to any document in government departments ( subject to certain classified documents in defence establishments etc) which you feel may be subject of corruption or undue favour or otherwise. Using this document you can question the department concerned about its double standards and take the concerned person to task.

To seek the document one needs to make an application under RTI paying the requisite fees and presenting the request to the PRO ( public relations officer ) of that department. Failure to respond to your application within 30 days can invite severe penalties and strictures and more importantly will highlight the issue even more.

Goans have been sparsely using RTI but in many cases due to unawareness it is not being used. I urge goans to kindly use the RTI judiciously to ensure that we put a complete end to corruption and its ugly head

Love You Goa!

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